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Youth Private Lessons

 We focus on engaging your student. Laugh first, then Learn. 



Challenge: 1x

Is your child taking a Spanish class and looking for an extra challenge? 

Verde Y packages are an option for students who want to spend a little more time with their Spanish to level up their skills!  


Accelerate: 2x

Is your child hungry to learn Spanish? 

Azul Y packages are an option for students who are eager to take a Spanish class, and their options are limited.


Or are taking Spanish, and they want to accelerate to higher levels of Spanish!


Sprint: 5x

Is your child traveling to a Spanish speaking country or going abroad?

Or heading back to school?

A Spanish sprint will get them thinking in Spanish, so they feel confident speaking Spanish the moment the plane lands.  

Sarah is an excellent Spanish teacher. My daughter looks forward to the online classes and is making remarkable progress. She is actually learning to speak and understand Spanish faster than I expected. Also, Sarah is an amazing person and we are lucky to have her in our lives." 

Lynn H., MN

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