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Youth Lessons

We want to meet you! 

Imagine our Free Introduction Lesson as our 'get-to-know-you' session where we share all the details about our top-secret language teaching techniques. ​​


Parent or Guardian Intro Phone call | 10 minutes | English 



Zoom |15 minutes | English



Zoom | 20 minutes | Spanish 


Wrap up 

Zoom | 5 minutes | English


Parent or Guardian Follow Up

Phone call | 10 minutes | English 


Speak first. Learn through experiences. Focus on language strategies.

Sarah is an excellent Spanish teacher. My daughter looks forward to the online classes and is making remarkable progress. She is actually learning to speak and understand Spanish faster than I expected. Also, Sarah is an amazing person and we are lucky to have her in our lives." 

Lynn H., MN


Speak first.

At our core, we're all about making sure you dive headfirst into speaking Spanish. That's why we've designed lessons to spark conversations and provide support, so you feel confident staying in Spanish throughout the entire lesson. 


Learn through experiences.

Learning through experiences is our specialty. Instead of just talking about hypothetical restaurants, we take you on a virtual journey to real destinations in Spanish-speaking countries. You'll explore these places through authentic sources, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in language and culture. 


Focus on Language Strategies.

We place a spotlight on language strategies while you learn through rich experiences. You'll discover the art of circumlocution, the power of pattern recognition, the precision of grammatical accuracy, and the harmony of phonics, all while immersing yourself in authentic language experiences. This dual approach ensures you not only understand the language but also excel in using it.

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