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Naranja Youth Private Lessons

Ready, set, go! It's a sprint.

The goal is to take 5 Lessons each week for 2 weeks to grow your child's Spanish skills for students Level Zero-Advanced, Youth ages 13-17.

The Naranja Y package is designed to give students an immersive boost, so they can hit the ground running using their Spanish on day 1 abroad, traveling, volunteering, summer camp or back to school.

We design our curriculum to be interactive and exploratory to maximize our learning time. Our lessons are 100% in Spanish, and we teach your child language strategies to use in real life.   


Each package comes with a Lesson Guide that includes additional resources, Instructor feedback notes, and a Youth Conference for parents or guardians with the Instructor to tailor learning for your child. 

Naranja Y



Ready, set, go! For the student that is looking for a 2 week sprint in Spanish with daily lessons!

Valid for 2 weeks

10 Lessons, online, 30 minutes

1:1 Instruction

100% in Spanish

Lesson Guide

2 Instructor Feedback Notes

1 Youth Conference

2 weeks, 5 Lessons per week, Flexible scheduling

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