Speak, Habla

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Traditional language learning focuses on reading and writing. We build confidence in speaking.

The Research

We engage in communication for 80% of our day

Of that time, we spend 9% writing, 16% reading, 30% speaking, and 45% listening. Speaking is the foundation for developing writing and reading but not vice versa. You learn faster speaking first!

Our Rationale

Take a risk, make mistakes: that is how you learn

Do you know all of the words in your native language? Of course not! We can always learn more. No matter your level in language, there will be times when you mispronounce words or don't understand. You may even forget a word or two! This is normal, embrace the mistakes.

Our Approach

Give you the supports you need to be successful

We support you with best learning practices and a stellar instructor. Your instructor plays a huge role in individualizing learning and helping you feel comfortable asking questions and making mistakes. They are the magic!

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There are 500 million Spanish speakers worldwide

The United States will be the largest Spanish speaking country in the world with 138 million Spanish speakers by 2050.

We believe in creating connections one conversation at a time locally and globally

Our Values

At Españolx we live and breathe by our core values. These values govern how we operate all areas of business.


We are open, honest, genuine and ethical about language learning


We use technology as a tool to empower language learners and foster connection


We build regional and worldwide relationships that build cross cultural understanding


We believe in the power of language


We are a warm and welcoming community