Tiffany Anderson

Spanish has been and will always be one of my first loves! Some of my first encounters with the Spanish language were during our family summer vacations to San Diego, California. I remember that I would listen to some of my family members speaking Spanish, as well as other locals, and I just remember thinking to myself, “I want to learn it too!” From that moment on I was off to the races trying to learn the best way I knew how; school. My first Spanish class was in the 7th grade and my love for the language took me all the way to getting a B.A. in Spanish. This later afforded me the opportunity to study and live abroad in Spain for the duration of two and a half years! During that time I really loved being exposed to a different culture and really absorbing it had to offer, especially the food. Some of my favorite dishes are paella, lentejas, cocido, ternera y patatas!!! I found the Spanish culture to be less focused on meeting the next major mile marker in one's life but rather more focused on building and maintaining relationships. Since coming back to the U.S from my time abroad I have noticed that my confidence in speaking Spanish is significantly higher and I look for ways to use it all the time! ¡Que te pasas bien!  

--- Tiffany