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Why should I invest in lessons?

What kind of curriculum do you use?

How much will I need to know in advance? Is there a placement test? Is there an age limit?

I have taken or am taking Spanish, but I am not sure what level I am at?

Will my Spanish improve?

I am proficient in Spanish, but I don’t want to lose my Spanish.

I leave for a trip in two weeks and want to learn or brush up on my Spanish. Is it too late to schedule lessons?

I am studying or working abroad for a while in a Spanish-speaking country. I am concerned about being Immersed in the Spanish language. How can your lessons help?

What services do you offer?

How is Book and Film Club different from Lessons?

Why pay for a Book or Film Club when there are free alternatives?

Where is Españolx located?

Does your company teach other languages besides Spanish?

Can I speak English during my lesson?

Does my Instructor speak English?

How can I sign up for group lessons?