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¡Me llamo Sarah, and I am passionate about language learning! Why? Learning a language challenges us to step out of our comfort zone and connects us with new people in our hometown or miles away.

When I ask people about their Spanish skills, I hear...

"I can read it, but I can't speak it." Or "I wish I could speak it better." Or "I was really good in High School and now I'm losing it." Or "My family speaks Spanish, but I can only speak a little." Or "I'd like to use my Spanish at work." 


I started Españolx with one goal in mind-to build a platform that builds people's confidence in speaking. I want people to come to a lesson or film club and use what they learn the next day in a conversation! 


Founder & Instructor

Sarah Adams 

  • Studied Abroad in Mérida, México & Salamanca, Spain

  • Licensed K-12 Spanish Teacher in Minnesota

  • Taught Spanish for 10 years

  • Completed a Master's in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language in Madrid, Spain

About Me.

Our Mission

Engage students in learning Spanish to build their confidence and grow their Spanish language, so they can communicate to connect with people  locally and globally.


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Our Values

At Españolx we live and breathe by our core values. These values govern how we operate in all areas of the business. 


We are open, honest, genuine and ethical about language learning


We use technology as a tool to empower language learners and foster connection.


We build local, regional, and global relationships to develop cross cultural understanding


We believe in the power of language.


We are a warm and welcoming community.

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