Spanish Lessons, Industry Specific Lessons, and Film Club for adults and youth ages 13-17 to build conversation skills

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Our immersive approach to language learning focuses on real language to build your confidence in conversation through Lessons and Film Club


Online Spanish Platform

Speak, Habla

Build conversational skills in speaking, non-verbals, and cultural cues to feel confident and sharp in your ability to communicate

High Quality Instructors

Each Instructor is selected based on their training in education, language learning, cultural knowledge, and Spanish proficiency to share their passion and expertise to guide your learning

Authentic Curriculum

Resources include photos, videos, and websites that are made for Native Spanish speakers so real conversational language is taught

The fun part of learning a language is talking to people

General Lessons

Build a relationship one on one with an instructor that is invested in your experience and progress as a language learner.

Film Club

Speak Spanish with a small group of people to discuss films of different genres to practice expressing your thoughts with the facilitation of an instructor

Industry Specific Lessons

Learn language that is specific to your workplace at any level to improve communication and relationships with patients

Our Instructors

"I think language is the best way to get yo know a culture. They teach you a lot about a place, their people and their way of life. Since I was a kid, I've been fascinated about learning about different traditions and watching movies with in the original language they were filmed in. I want to share with you this learning process and help you achieve your goals reagarding Spanish language. ¡Sí se puede!

-Instructor Paola

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"Sarah is an excellent Spanish teacher. My daughter looks forward to the online classes and is making remarkable progress. She is actually learning to speak and understand Spanish faster than I expected. Also, Sarah is an amazing person and we are lucky to have her in our lives." -Lynn H. Parent of Learner

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