We help people of different ages grow their Spanish language and global competence skills one conversation at a time.

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There’s Fast Language Learning... And Then There’s Authentic Language Learning. 

Simply put, language is communication.

Its core is connecting with people from different cultures and communities locally, regionally, and globally.

Language acquisition, as we know it, is changing, fast.

New language applications focus on how fast a person can learn the language. These applications teach language through memorization and repetition. Yet this is only one piece of language learning. Now, more than ever, false promises of being fluent in a language in three months or less doesn’t work. Learning a language takes time and dedication over a lifetime.

How do you do this?

 Through authentic language learning aka quality over quantity.

How do we engage in authentic language learning?


Build a relationship with an instructor that is invested in your experience and progress as a language learner. Individual lessons and class packages are offered for 30 minutes.

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Book Club

Reading and discussion is a great way to continue your language learning after advanced coursework. It builds comprehension and vocabulary. And is a fun way to share your thoughts by unraveling intriguing themes as a group. Our book club highlights Latin and Spanish authors.

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Film Club

Listen to Native Spanish speakers to build your comprehension for conversational Spanish. Share your love of films or series from Latin America or Spain. Dive into thought-provoking cultural themes as a group.

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"Sarah is an excellent Spanish teacher. My daughter looks forward to the online classes and is making remarkable progress. She is actually learning to speak and understand Spanish faster than I expected. Also, Sarah is an amazing person and we are lucky to have her in our lives." -Lynn H. Parent of Learner

Why Españolx

We are remote! That means you can connect with our services from anywhere in the world. Our home base is Duluth, Minnesota.

Individualized Learning

Every learner learns through different styles and at their own pace. Lessons are adapted to meet your learning needs and interests.


Schedule a lesson for 30 minutes at a time that is convenient for you from the comfort of your own home or office.

Conversation Skills

The 1:1 or small group setting increases the amount of time you are speaking.

Authentic Curriculum

We curate curriculum from resources that are culturally authentic, engaging, and relevant to the real world.

Innovative Technology

Connect with a phone, tablet or computer to interact virtually to learn Spanish through these tools.

Quality Instructors

Learn with an Instructor that is highly trained in Teaching Spanish as a Language.

Let us join you in your journey

Our Quality Instructors

They are dedicated in supporting our learners in furthering their knowledge of the varieties of the Spanish language and diversity of culture.