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One size fits all 
Except for your Spanish


Build your confidence and
grow your Spanish skill set!
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Just recently I went to a Mexican bakery near where I live and got to also practice my Spanish there-I was surprised how much more comfortable I was talking to people at the bakery after spending time in my Españolx Lessons. " 

Kaitie O., MN

Engagement is at the center of what we do. 

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What's working for you or your child and what's not working for learning Spanish?


You or your child is feeling stuck with Spanish.

A lot of different methods have been tried.

At this point there is a feeling of frustration and

it's feeling like it's time to toss in the towel. 

Before you do, I'd like to chat with you. 

There is no pressure to sign up for our services.

I actually might recommend a different service or resource depending on what you or your child needs.


The purpose is to help you "unstuck" yourself and

move you or your child's Spanish skills forward. 

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